Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Your Grandpa-part 1

There are so many things I want you to know about your grandpa that I don't even know where to begin. I figured now is a good time to start telling you about him since father's day, the anniversary of his passing and his birthday are all coming up.

I won't try to cram it all into one blog post but will sprinkle in little thoughts about him throughout the years as they come to mind. 

1. He was silly silly silly. He loved making people laugh and playing pranks on people. The one that stands out the most was when he borrowed a "fart" machine and hid it in our house when I had all my little girlfriends over for a birthday slumber party.There were a bunch of shrieking giggling girls running all over the house trying to figure out who was "tooting". (looks like I picked up some of his silliness in the below pic)

2. He loved traveling. Every year we took a family vacation and made wonderful memories together which is a tradition I want to instill in our family. I want you to see the world and develop a love for travel. Especially for Disney World! I think I need a whole separate post to express my love for this place.

3. Flying was his passion. He got his pilots license and airplane and loved everything about being in the air. Me not so much! ( I threw up in a beach towel on the way back from Dollywood. Probably because I was so cramped in the tiny back seat with a 4 foot purple tiger that he won sitting between me and Sherry)

4. He loved being in the water. I have so many great memories of us in the pool and ocean. When we were at the beach he loved to swim out far and play in the waves. I was more of a stay where the water is only 6 inches deep kinda girl but when I was with him I somehow always ended up far from shore. I am curious to see if you will be one to venture out to sea with your dad:)

This looks like it was in a pool but was actually in the ocean on St.John island.

Those are the first four things that came to mind and as I wrote them so many more memories started flooding in. I am making a commitment now to keep his memory alive and tell you so many stories about him! 

Here are a few of my favorite pics.

I am making the exact same lip sucking face that you just started making in this picture!

I love this picture of him. I hope one day I start seeing some of his features in you. 

 He loved his girls. In his picture he is helping us Easter egg hunt out at Granny and Papaw Doherty's farm.

Just a great picture of him and your aunt Sherry.

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  1. ashley this is beautiful! It looks like Brox is from a line of great men.