Little things we love about you!

We love...

the way you shrug your shoulders smile and gab.

your half smile.

how you try to mimic our sounds and faces.

how you blink hard several times right when you take your bottle.

the little faces you make in your sleep.

when you cuddle with us in the big bed first thing in the morning.

your giggle that started around 15 weeks.

your silly personality that is starting to really shine at 6 months.

your high pitched squeals at 9 months.

when you say mamamama and dadadada.

your hugs

your new dance moves that started at 12 months

fish face

your serious puppy noises "bff bff"

your cute little strut

when you run up to us to give us a huge hug

your awesome dance moves

your attempt to say Thank You (tee too) and I love you

when you say "mama pretty"

when you ask mommy to pat your bottom when we lay you down at night by saying "pat pat" then you pat Mickey while mommy pats you

your singing

your cute little voice saying "angel of God" prayer

when you say "thats ridiculous" (learned from Elf)

when we are saying goodnight and you whisper "I want to keep you" which means you don't want me to leave the room

when you say " I love you so so much!"

Little things you love!

You love...

mommy and daddy:)

animal sounds.

getting cozy in your bouncy seat.

hitting your birdies on your play mat.

riding in the car (as long as we aren't stopped at a red light).


your changing table (that is where you talk the most!)

saying your prayers before bed.

when we sing ABC's.

your new CD. Specifically the STOP song.

your "softy".

when I sneeze.

"this little light of mine"


playing with the handles on the dresser drawers

crawling underneath things like tables and chairs

playing with the blinds

"happy and you know it"

watching clyde


turning the TV off and on

playing chase with mommy and daddy

swimming and anything to do with water

jumping off the ledge of the pool

Braden and Mckinley

getting fake tattoos


playing in the dirt

baby sister

riding your tractor and bike

playing with Clyde

loving on Otis

playing soccer


Rolling over at 5 months
Sitting up at 6 months
Crawling 7 months
First tooth 8 months
Consonants-8 months
Trying to pull up-9 months
Pulling up-10 months
Furniture cruising-10 months
Trying to repeat words-12 months
Walking-13 months
Saying about 15 simple words-15 months
Able to stand up without pulling up-15 months
Repeating words-18 months
Giving Kisses-19 months
Saying simple sentences "I push the button"-20 months
Showing interest in the potty and pooped in the potty-22 months
Fully potty trained-2 years 3 months
Potty without help-2 years 9 months
Puts on own shoes- 2 years 10 months
memorizing books and prayers- 2 years 10 months


November 14th 2011 (Birth) 8lbs 1oz 20.4 inches

December 1st 2011 (2 week checkup) 9 lbs 13.5 oz  50% 21.5 inches 50%

January 18th 2012 (2 month checkup) 14 lbs 4.5 oz 95% 25 inches 90%

March 15th 2012 (4 month check up) 17 lbs 15 oz 95% 26 inches 90%

May 18th 2012 (6 month check up) 19lbs 12 oz 85% 27 3/4 inches 90%

August 17th 2012 (9 month check up) 21lbs 15 oz 85% 29 inches 80%

November 15th (12 month check up) 23lbs 7 oz 80% 30 3/4 inches 85%

February 11th (15 month check up) 25lbs 7 oz 85% 32 inches 80%

May 13th (18 month check up) 28lbs 77% 32.75 inches 65% (head is now 99%!)

November 19th 2013 (2 year check up)

November 19th 2014 (3 year check up) 34lbs 79% 38 inches 65%

November 14th 2015 (4 year check up) 37.5 lbs 65% 40 1/4 inches 50%

December 8th 2016 (5 year checkup) 38 lbs 33% 43 inches 59%

 March 2018 (6 year checkup) 53 lbs 78% 47 inches 65%

For your 6 year party you had your very first sleepover with your two best friends.

4 years-I just cannot even find the words to express how incredibly sweet you are. You love to cuddle, you love being Mommy's special helper and basically just love being at home with your family. You are super into dinosaurs right now (I am sure you can tell by the picture:). Dinosaurs, cars, trucks all the fun typical boy stuff. You have developed quite the country accent and I just cannot get enough of it! You taught your sister how to say "please" and were soo proud of yourself. You also love learning and doing homework so I printed out a bunch of school worksheets for you to do at home. I love how your little mind is growing.  When we are going to be away from each other you say " Mommy I'll talk to you in my heart".

3 years-You are getting soo big! One of your favorite things to do is read. We try to go to the library every few weeks and read to you every evening. You also really really like Mickey Mouse clubhouse. You will ask in your sweetest voice "Mommy may I watch a little Mickey Mouse please". Who can say no to that! You tell us you love us all of the time. My favorite is when you say "Mommy I love your heart".

2 year 4 months-still loving dirt and all toys construction work related.
You have become such a considerate person. You always ask me and Daddy if we are happy and if we are ok if we look like we are upset. You love to give hugs and you tell us you love us without us saying it first. You are really into singing and know all the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy bitsy spider, ABC's and You are my Sunshine.

2 years-loves Batman, tractors and dump trucks. Can make all animal sounds and knows most colors.
Can have a conversation. My favorite things you say:
Mommy what wrong
I don't like it
What the hell (oops wonder who you learned that from)
Hi Daddy hi

22 Months-Loves giving kisses, says complex words like Waxahachie and cockadoodledo, loves Clyde and all other puppies. Calls people "pretty"

18 Months-Developing a silly personality, running into our arms for hugs, still dancing, following simple instructions and developing a love for books.

Repeating words, walking like a champ, dancing, 10 teeth

Trying to repeat words!

Table food!
Pointing to the "birdie"!

Pulling up!
Furniture cruising!

Trying to pull up!
Second tooth!

Crawling! First tooth!

Starting to crawl

Sitting up!

Rolling over