Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to Children's Hospital

 Another round of breathing issues lead us back to Children's Hospital. They gave you a breathing treatment and steroids. The next morning you were still struggling so we spent a few hours at the pediatrician doing 2 more breathing treatments. You ended up with your very own breathing machine and 6 prescriptions. You are a trooper though! You do great taking your meds and you don't mind sitting through your treatments. Its very sad to see you having these issues but being at the hospital really put everything into perspective. There were families leaving the hospital with 2-3 wagons full of suitcases (clearly they have been there for months) and kids coming in on stretchers. We are blessed and will get through these minor breathing issues.

Fun times at the farm

 Enjoying another great day outside. The Byrd boys and Braden and Mckinley came down and you guys got to take a ride on the gator and went down to the tank to go fishing.

Patio Time

We finally had some good weather and were able to enjoy the outdoor space of our new house. You loved having dinner outside while watching football.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Disney Trip!

 You loved seeing the suitcases out and decided to pack your own:)

 waiting at the airport

 Such a big boy on your first flight! You had snacks and played with your sticker book. The only incident was the whole way down the jet bridge you yelled out "I tooted"

 Checking out the castle view from our room
 Your magic band. They were our room key, park ticket, meal plan pass and credit card. Pretty cool!

 Your very first ride. Its a Small World.

 Crazy hair after your nap!

 We watched the fireworks from our balcony so we wouldn't have to stress about staying at the park until 9 every night.

 Your mugshot with Tigger
 Best daddy ever!

 Such a big boy going potty on vacation. You were so proud!

 Handsome shot of your daddy:)

 Watching fireworks from the park. Daddy had to hold your little ears.

 Your favorite ride!

 Love this shot of you in bed cuddling your mickey and donald.

Passed out on the plane ride home.