Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun at the Farm

  We all got together at David's farm and roasted weenies, made s'mores, went on wagon rides behind the lawn mower and just enjoyed the country life. You kiddos have so much fun together and it was wonderful to spend time with the whole family.

Brox's First Field Trip

We had so much fun at your very first field trip. I love that I get to go with you and watch you enjoy these fun experiences.


 Painting pumpkins

 I decided we should attempt carving pumpkins this year. I carved and you guys watched but still thought it was pretty cool. Mommy needs to work on her carving skills though! We took the pumpkins inside and turned off all the lights and had a halloween dance party. I love being silly with you guys!

Trunk-or-treat at St. Josephs

 Farmers Market Finale

 Pics for library costume contest

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fair Day

 Not sure why but this picture makes me so happy!

You finally got to ride the ferris wheel. For the last two years we have told you it was broken because the line was hours long. Overtime we drive by it you always say " I wonder if they fixed it". I was determined for you to get to ride it this year and was so happy we did. You loved it!