Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random 2 year update

 You love Batman and who wouldn't when they look this good in a batman outfit!

 Fancy Bday dinner for Daddy at Chilis. You love mashed potatoes but when your order came you refused to eat them because they had skins in them. You kept saying "I don't like it". So your meal consisted of you dipping your fingers in ranch dip. Real healthy!!

This year you got to sit at the kid table in the toy room at thanksgiving instead of at the kitchen table with mommy and daddy. Every time we walked in you were grinning from ear to ear. You thought you were big stuff!

Another big milestone is that you woke up one morning pulling your ear and said "my ear hurt, Dr. Brown fix it". We took you to the Dr. and sure enough you had a severe ear infection. Such a huge milestone that you can now communicate what is wrong with you. We were so proud!!

Breakfast with Brox

Your second birthday party was a huge hit! The theme was Breakfast with Brox and you arrived acting like a total ham and ready to party! All of our closest family and friends came to celebrate and help make your day special.