Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jingle Bells

Christmas Day

 You were so funny on Christmas morning. We thought you would still be to little to understand the excitement of the morning but we were wrong. You woke up in such a silly mood, craned your neck to peak at Santa gifts as I walked you down the hall for breakfast, and yelled and banged at the door with excitement while we waited for the whole family to get ready to go down the hall.
 Santa came and you got your Trike!

 You knew exactly which gift was yours and made a bee-line to try it out

 You inspected it very carefully. I guess you wanted to make sure Santa put it together properly. We don't want any wheels falling off!

 Mckinely and Braden modeling their new scarf and robe. I love that we get to spend Christmas morning with Braden, Mckinley, Sherry, Tim, Nana and David. 

 Dressed and ready for Christmas Mass. You were such a good boy in church. We sat in the front row and you sat still and looked around quietly the whole time. I was shocked! I took you to the front to look at baby Jesus in the manger and you made your "boof boof" sound. I guess you thought the donkeys and sheep were dogs:)

 After church we finished up all of our Christmas festivities at Grandpa Jame's house.

Christmas Eve

 This year Christmas Eve was at Nana's house. The whole family was there and the house was full of love and laughter. We really are blessed to have such a close family that are able to come together for holidays. You were all over the place and we spent the evening wrangling you. We were a bit worn out but you had a great time!

 All snazzy ready for the party to start!
 Nana made ornaments for all of the little ones.
 Playing with the big kids
 Singing "jingle bells" with Nana
 Love this picture of you and great-grandma
 Its a Christmas miracle, we actually got all of the grand-kids and great-grand-kids to pose for a picture. Its not perfect but the fact that ya'll are all in frame is amazing!
 Great-grandpa watching the kids play

 All of us with Grandma and Grandpa
 It got a little toasty so we decided to take off your pants and shoes. Oh the joys of being a baby, you can just take your pants off whenever you want to:)
 PJ time! Ready for santa in your red thermals and reindeer slippers. These fit way better then last years pjs. The ones you wore for your first Christmas were so small I almost had to cut them to get them over your head:)

Your very first letter to Santa. Braden helped you write it. Wonder if you got the trike you wanted?

Sugar Cookie Tradition

 Ever since Sherry and I were little we have been baking homemade sugar cookies for Santa. This is such a fun tradition that we are so excited to now share with you, Braden and Mckinley. You don't look super impressed but maybe next year you will have more fun with it!

 Love this picture of you and Mckinley!
 Once again you look bored out of your mind. I promise it was fun!

End result is the most beautiful cookies in the world ;)

Christmas at Yaya's

 You started Christmas off right at Yaya's with a cozy nap. After you woke up and loved on daddy (you hadn't seen him in two days) you were ready to play and dig into your gifts.
 You hated the "real" Santa but you were fine with Uncle Adam Santa!

 Scoping out the goodies!
 Uncle Adam made this backpack for you. So cute!
 Loving your Woody pj's and Bullseye

Doherty Christmas

 This was the first time in many years that everyone on the Doherty side got together for Christmas at Tim and Janice's house. It was so great to see everyone and being back in Granny's house brought back so many memories of my Dad and all of the fun we had growing up with our cousins and making memories at their house.  It makes me sad that we are not as close to this side of the family as we used to be. They are all so amazing and loving, I hope we can make a point to see them more so you can form a relationship with them. They all adore you and say how much you remind them of my Dad (grandpa Gary)

Christmas time at Nana's

This year we had plenty of time at Nana's house. You and I got into town on Friday and didn't leave until Wednesday. It was so wonderful to relax and unwind at her house and soak up all the family time we possibly could.