Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 Well shocking news, you do not like Santa. I knew that you wouldn't but I thought maybe we would get lucky and you wouldn't be terrified. Not so much! I yelled at your Dad to leave you in Santa's lap so I could at least get a picture even it was of you crying. As soon as you whimpered he kept picking you back up. I guess he thought Santa was actually going to hurt you. Soo you didn't like Santa but you looked really cute and had fun taking some pics out at the Arboretum.
 Help me!
 Daddy to the rescue!
 Santa party room at the Arboretum
 I am obsessed with bow-ties. Please forgive me when you grow up.

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  1. He is ADORABLE!!!! I absolutely L.O.V.E the bowtie ;)