Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Polka Fest

We kicked off the fun weekend with a dip in Nana's pool. Despite the fact that the water felt like ice you still had a great time splashing in your float.

We met grandpa for lunch at Kolache Depot.

On Friday night it was time to start the Polka festivites with the King and Queen dance contest at the Sokol hall. Nana and David were last year's King and Queen so the whole family came to watch their final dance. You got all dressed up in your Polka vest that great grandma made for you. So darn cute!

You were such a trooper and even though we kept you out past your bedtime every night you feel asleep wherever we were and slept all night once we got you home.

The next day you skipped nap time to check out the parade. One cool dude!

We took you to the annual horse-shoe tournament to show you off to all of our friends. You loved meeting everyone and let all of our friend's take turn holding you. I am soo glad you aren't in the stranger danger phase yet:)

After a long weekend we headed back to Dallas and let you go for a swim in the blow up pool. I think about how blessed we are to spend weekends like this with family and friends. I also think about our traditions like the National Polka Fest that you are now a part of and hope that one day you will have wonderful memories from the festival.


This weekend we let you try out our old high-chair at Nana's house. 

You looked awfully cute and grown up in it but you slowly started to scoot your way down to the point where you were about to slip out the bottom so we put you back in your bumbo. Maybe we will try again next month!

Daddy time

I wish I could capture every moment of you playing with your daddy on camera. You guys love rough housing together and have such a special relationship. Watching the two of you interact brings me so much joy. 

You are one lucky little guy to have such an amazing man as you Daddy. I cannot wait to watch you grow into a little mini version of him:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Swim

Its official. You love the water. You have loved taking baths from day 1 and this weekend we put you in a little blow up pool and you loved it (although in the video you look really concerned). Such great memories!

PJ Time

There is just something about you and your big boy pjs that I cannot get enough of! You love getting ready for bed and we have some of the funnest times playing right before bedtime when you are comfy in your pjs.

First Artwork

Your very first masterpiece! It is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen.
You are starting to get to do so many fun activities at school like fingerpaint, sing songs outside, play with scarves and play with duckies in water buckets. I love your school and love that they exposing you to so many things (minus the germs and constant colds:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day

What a fabulous first Mothers Day. I took you to church Saturday night and got so emotional when they asked all the mothers to stand up and the congregation clapped. Holding you in my arms even though you were squirmy and my arms were about to give out was such an amazing feeling. Everyone was right when they said there is no way to describe the feeling of motherhood and they are absolutely right. Words cannot express the amazing joy I feel when I look at you and think about how blessed our family is. We are surrounded by amazing mothers and role models. I think about my mom (Nana) and how all the values she instilled in me will be passed along to you. Thank you mom for raising me and helping prepare me to raise little Brox! I also think about your Dad's mom (Yaya) and what a great man she raised and all the wonderful qualities he will pass onto you.

On Sunday you and I went to Nana's house for lunch with the family. When we got back to Dallas Dad cooked out for us. It rained and Clyde tried to steal our food off the grill but overall we had a great day just spending time together and enjoying our family!

6 Months

It feels like I just wrote your 5 month blog entry! The bigger you are getting the faster time seems to go by. You are officially a professional "roller overer." You can go from back to tummy and tummy to back. You are also starting to scoot so we may see some crawling soon. Your favorite toy right now is your plastic chains which you swing around like a mad man and have had a few incidents where they hit you in the face and make you cry. You love playing "tent" in the big bed. We lay down with you and pull the sheets over our heads and scream. Sounds weird but you love it! You are also becoming more and more attached to your "softy." If you are tired and upset you stop fussing the second we put him in your arms. You love to cuddle and are really good at it. I could hold you for hours if I could.

Happy 6 months cuddle bug!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Chillin

Hmm I think you are to big for you bouncy chair now.

Wild Man

We took you to Fernando's to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and you were being soo wild! You love to play rough with all of your toys at home and we let you act like this in public only because it was loud and no one could hear you:) You are such a boy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Concert at the Arboretum

On tuesday you experienced two of your firsts. First trip to Arboretum and first concert. You had a great time playing on the blanket, dancing and sleeping. When the music started you got really attenttive and stared at the stage. I think concerts might be your thing!

Dancing with Daddy!

Chihuly art exhibit

pincic time

Serious face

Happy face

I love how you grab Dad's shoulder everytime you lay next to him

Things that make us smile!

There are just so many little quirky things about you that make us smile!  I just want to remember all of these tid bits that make me so happy.

Your latest adorableness is called bucking bronco. You love to rock back and forth like you are riding a mechanical bull. For some reason this hyper side of you comes out right before bedtime!

We crack up at how cute you look ready for bed in your pjs, mismatched spider man socks and hair combed to the side. You look like an oh so cute hot mess!

I made up a song called "foxy Broxy" and its gets you to smile every single time! Its like you know I am singing about you. "foxy Broxy how'd you get so foxy"

Now that you can roll over you love to sleep on your tummy. I laugh out loud every time I walk into your room to get you out of bed and I am greeted with you looking straight at me!