Monday, August 21, 2017

Strudel with Nana

I love little simple moments like this. Baking Strudel with Nana.

Brox lost his first tooth!

 Sweet boy started kinder and lost his first tooth in the same week! Miss Cooper pulled it for you at school so you got a fun sticker and treasure chest to put it in. The tooth fairy brought you 5 quarters and let you keep your tooth. You were soo excited!

Farmers Market

 Love love love our farmers market. I also love these pics in front of pop top coffee where I go everyday to get my afternoon coffee.

First Day of School

 Mommy got a little emotional the night before the first day of school. Brox started kinder and Lowe started 3k both at St. Josephs. I just cannot believe how quickly you guys are growing up. I love that you are both at the same school now so Brox can watch over you. We also have Miss Cooper (one of my best friends from kinder-also Brox's kinder teacher) to watch over both of you. The first day and first week was awesome! You guys strutted in like you owned the place. No tears at all!

Ennis Public Theatre

Another amazing production at the Ennis Public Theatre. All of the kids were totally into the show. Especially Miss Lowe! We are so blessed to have a high quality theatre in Ennis.


                     Just being sweet!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Family Lake Trip

So much family fun at our new lake house tradition. Swimming, jumping off the dock, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and lots of food and laughter. Poor B wanted to catch a fish soo bad and never had any luck. Maybe next year buddy!