Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cozy in cozies

Lately B loves wearing "cozies" and we sometimes keep them on ALL DAY LONG.

 You two monkeys have the sweetest bond

 working on your fossil dig
 if your looking for Lowe she is always reading or coloring
 It was messy but kept you guys entertained for a good 30 minutes
 You didn't want to take a nap so you laid on the couch and watched me do my workout video. You critiqued me for about 10 min (your not doing it right, they are still doing it...) then you passed out.

Lolo 18 months

Sweet Lolo is 18 months old!

-new words: bite, no Mama, no Bubba, no Dadda (complete with finger point)
-you love reading and constantly plop down in our laps with books
-you love to wrestle with your Bubba. I mean you full on form tackle him.
-and your love of dancing is still going strong. Girls got some moves!
-you have a newfound love of singing. Mostly gibberish but we can make out you saying "gooo" "gooo" from the Frozen Let it Go song.
- you know and can point to your head, eyes, ears, nose, elbows, fingers, teeth and tongue
-every time you see me, even if I just walked out of the room and right back in you say Mama! and get the biggest smile as if you haven't seen me in a month. Melts my heart.

3 Day Weekend

 Enjoyed a 3 day weekend with you two monkeys!

Monday, January 4, 2016


Random updates over the last few weeks.


got in the storm shelter twice the day after Christmas

baked and ate a ton

 met baby Sydney

saw Star Wars

 played with baby dolls and spent a ton of time with Braden and Mckinley

pretended to sleep

watched a classic move " Harry and the Hendersons"
 played Star Wars
 got dressed cute for church then acted like maniacs during church
 made weird faces at each other :)


 Cheers to another NYE spent at home doing a countdown at 7:30 with apple juice in fancy glasses for you guys. Would not have it any other way! Included some pics from NYE past. So sweet!


Looking at these pictures brings a huge smile to my face. Christmas with you guys at this age is truly magical! Christmas Eve and Christmas day consisted of making sugar cookies, hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house, Santa at our house, Santa at Nana's house, mass, feeding the fish at Popo's, and wrapping up Christmas Day opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy. It was busy but filled with so much fun. Many memories were made!