Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Official "army" crawling

Your official "army" crawl. It looks a little funny but gets you around the entire house now!

Popsicle Time!

Not sure if you love it or hate it. The verdict is still out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Everyday moments

I love these everyday moments. We were playing in the back room enjoying the morning sunlight. You were wearing a t-shirt and diaper and had a booger hanging out of your nose and another one smeared on your head:) Little moments like these make me smile. 

Two Peas

Same silly face!

Same serious face!

Dare Devil

You attempting to take a flying leap off our couch onto the hardwood floors. You are constantly trying to dive off the couch and the bed. Good thing we are always there to catch you! Even when you are dangling by a thread you still aren't scared. Hope this isn't a sign of what a crazy hot mess boy you are about to become:)

8 Months

This month has been BIG for you! You are officially mobile. There is just no stopping you. You follow us to the kitchen by taking a shortcut under the dining room table, you crawl underneath the living room chairs, you explore the bathroom, you find cords hidden under the bed and under the entertainment center. Let's just say that you are a very "exploratory" child which is why I ordered you a playpen today to trap you!

You also have no understanding of falling. You try to dive off the bed and the couch. We are always there to hold you and let you dangle by one foot but I am hoping you will understand heights soon.

Clapping and high-fiving are pretty easy tricks for you now.

We also think you may have signed "milk." We think or we imagined it.

You have now added consonants to your vocabulary. Your favorite word is "bababababababa"

And drumroll please.......you have your first TOOTH. This is huge. You have been drooling and chewing things for months and now that the symptoms have stopped you finally sprouted a tooth.

Happy 8 months crawling man!

(last month you were very serious so I am glad we get to see a softer side of you this month)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magical Trip to the Zoo

Well lets just say your "magical" trip to the zoo that I planned was not so "magical". Don't get me wrong, we had fun and you enjoyed some aspects of it but overall it was wayyy to hot and you are still to little to really see the animals. Oh well, we tried and will try again at the Fort Worth Zoo when you are bigger.

At least you looked cute on your zoo adventure with your new outfit from the Peek sale rack. (it was a sweaty mess by the end of the day)
You and Dad still in good spirits right when we walked in the gate.

We saw the penguins first which you seemed interested in.

Getting a little bit hot and sweaty!

Making the best of the monorail ride through the extreme heat. While we were waiting in line your Dad almost got into a fight with people that were cutting in front of us. Very classy:)

You look like you really hate me in this picture!

Done for the day! Time for lunch and swimming in the afternoon.

God Bless America!

Such a patriotic family! You had a blast on your first 4th of July! Lots of food, family fun and a little bit of fireworks.

We had a fun little photo shoot in the front yard first thing in the morning.

Hanging out with the kids at 4th of July brunch over at Sherry and Tim's.

Always a good time with the Byrd boys! We headed over to their house for swimming and a cookout in the evening.

Dad introduced you to fireworks early to make sure you don't take after him and want to watch from the window because you are terrified of the noise:) You had no issue with the noise and were right in the middle of everything with the big boys.