Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Polka Fest

Another awesome Polka Festival in the books. The weather  was awful but that didn't stop us from enjoying lots of family time and polka music! Brox showed us his dancing skills (except for the chicken dance which you froze up during) and Lowe loved to dance too. When we would stop dancing she would start rocking back and forth for us to start again. Such fun memories!

Crazy girl

We put you in your chair then turned around a few seconds later and this is how you were drinking your bottle. Crazy crazy girl!

Brox and Daddy

You and Daddy had a special day. After the dentist he took you to wal-mart and let you buy dinosaurs and a fishing pole. Clearly your cleaning was traumatic and necessitated 3 new toys:) He taught you how to cast your fishing pole and you had a blast casting down the hallway then fishing in my bathtub.

I caught this pic of the two of you watching TV. It cracked me up to see how similar ya'lls intense TV watching faces are. Two peas!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Pics

So in love with these family pictures. They truly capture all of the love we have for each other.

Lowe 10 Months

You are officially starting to furniture cruise and you have a whopping 5 teeth.

Along with those new teeth came the biting phase. Not a fan of this!

I just can't quit looking at these pictures though. You look like a little angel and have brought so many blessings to our family.

We love you so much sweet Lolo (biting and all)

Mother's Day

These two sure know how to make Mother's Day special. Lots of hugs and kisses and Brox picked flowers for me. When I asked him a few days ago what Mother's Day meant he said " it means we pick flowers for our Mommy." Melts my heart!! There are lots of things in life that I love but being a Mommy is by far the top of the list!

                           and had to post the out-take:)

                            Flowers Brox picked for me all by himself.

                    We ended our Mother's Day in the storm shelter. Good news is Brox doesn't get scared at