Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fair Day

Great times at the State Fair of Texas! Brox rode rides all by himself like a big boy and sister just chilled out in her stroller happy as a clam all day. Brox loved the farming experience where he got to feed chickens, pick eggs, plant seeds and use his farming money to buy a snack. So adorable!

Lowe 3 Months

Well you are finally getting over a 10 day stomach bug! Lots of puking and poops but you were happy the entire time! You would puke everywhere then just look at us and smile.

You are still smiling like crazy and have started to giggle to.

I think sleeping through the night last month was a tease because you are back to waking up one time in the middle of the night. You eat and go right back to sleep so I really can't complain.

You are starting to hold your head up much better and are a champ at tummy time.

We love you so much and are so relieved that you are a healthy little girl again!

Baking Buddy

My little baking buddy. We spent the afternoon making skinny pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. You are the best little helper!
 Afterwards you worked with Daddy in the garage to hang up a tool storage rack.

Family Stroll

I love evenings like this. The whole family out for a stroll enjoying the fall weather. Feeling blessed.

Blue Jean Baby

You love sporting your blue jeans complete with a real button! Such a doll!