Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Not sure if this counts but hey it got you from point A to point B!
This is pretty much what we do every night. We sit you down and put a toy in front of you and wait for you to crawl. We joke and say its like watching paint dry because 90% of the time you just look at us like we are crazy but this time you were on the move!

Giggle Mania

We went to visit the Byrd boys on Sunday and little Lennox really got you giggling! Love Love Love!

Fun Family Weekend

We spent the whole weekend in Ennis and had a great time with family. We went to see Yaya's house in progress (forgot your hat so decided to let you borrow an awesome John Deere hat) and swam with Braden and Mckinley. You love relaxing in the pool and look pretty cool doing just that!

Ghetto Playpen

I order 400 ball pit balls for your first birthday party. (yes you are 7 months old and I am already planning) When the shipment came in I dumped them into the box they were delivered in to see if you even liked playing with them. Well they were a huge hit and now two weeks later we still have a cardboard box full of balls in the middle of our dining room. We call it your "ghetto" playpen. You love it! One by one you drop the balls over the side and watch me walk around the house to pick them all back up and put back in your box. Its our little game:)

Next Top Model

I think you found your calling this weekend. America's Next Top Baby Model!
We were on the bed playing and I brought out the camera. You were a little fussy but as soon as you saw the camera you started rolling around, posing, finding the light and looking back at me for the shot. You were really "working" it!  Love this pic of you casually glancing back at Mommy.

Clap Your Hands

You learned two new tricks this weekend! High-five and clap-your-hands. I cannot believe we actually caught you on video. You have done it a few more times but are not very good at performing under pressure. Daddy took you to school on Monday and when he asked you to show your new tricks to the teacher you got embarrassed and cried. There goes your career as a performer;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

You are on lucky fella! Your Daddy loves you to the moon and back and it is written all over his face in every single picture of the two of you together. We wanted to make his first Father's Day extra special. 

We surprised Daddy with a trip to Texas Land and Cattle (his fav) and got him matching father/son swim trunks and a book of memories of the two of you. 

You were great at lunch but you have now decided that you don't need afternoon naps and acted a hot mess for the remainder of the day. There was one part of the day were you were so delirious from no sleep that you had a major case of the giggles. I'm talking laughing so hard you were falling over giggles. That made up for all the grouchiness:)

My two favorite guys!

 Uncle Adam bought you guys some awesome matching Ranger hats!

Trying out your fancy matching swim shorts.

I learned that you are not ready for pencil colors. You almost took your eye out!

 But the gifts turned out great and you proudly sat by them for this picture.

 Book of memories that I created for you and Daddy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waiting for Daddy

When its to hot outside to wait for your Daddy to come home in the front yard we sit in the backroom so we can greet him right when he walks in the door.

Your face lights up when you see him and my heart melts.

7 Months

Now that you can sit up on your own you are so much more active and love exploring your toys from a new perspective. Your new thing is reaching for and grabbing everything! Even if something is 5 feet away from you and completely unattainable you will still reach for it and try to jump out of our arms to get it. I like that your ambition and focus is starting at such an early age:)

You can now sit up front in the grocery cart so no more stacking groceries on top of you in the buggy. 

We also let you pick out and buy your first big boy toy. It lights up, plays really loud music and sounds and has a phone. All the qualities of a great toy! You get so focused when you play with it that we can't even tell if you are having fun. You look like you are concentrating so hard and you even strain your little face. 

You have mastered eating baby food and I have yet to find one that you don't like. Everything from peas to chicken and veggies. You love it all.

And your most interesting milestone this month is that you can roll and curl your tongue. Weird!

Happy 7 months big man!

(You now make this really serious face and decided to show it to us in all of your 7 month pics)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Your Grandpa-part 1

There are so many things I want you to know about your grandpa that I don't even know where to begin. I figured now is a good time to start telling you about him since father's day, the anniversary of his passing and his birthday are all coming up.

I won't try to cram it all into one blog post but will sprinkle in little thoughts about him throughout the years as they come to mind. 

1. He was silly silly silly. He loved making people laugh and playing pranks on people. The one that stands out the most was when he borrowed a "fart" machine and hid it in our house when I had all my little girlfriends over for a birthday slumber party.There were a bunch of shrieking giggling girls running all over the house trying to figure out who was "tooting". (looks like I picked up some of his silliness in the below pic)

2. He loved traveling. Every year we took a family vacation and made wonderful memories together which is a tradition I want to instill in our family. I want you to see the world and develop a love for travel. Especially for Disney World! I think I need a whole separate post to express my love for this place.

3. Flying was his passion. He got his pilots license and airplane and loved everything about being in the air. Me not so much! ( I threw up in a beach towel on the way back from Dollywood. Probably because I was so cramped in the tiny back seat with a 4 foot purple tiger that he won sitting between me and Sherry)

4. He loved being in the water. I have so many great memories of us in the pool and ocean. When we were at the beach he loved to swim out far and play in the waves. I was more of a stay where the water is only 6 inches deep kinda girl but when I was with him I somehow always ended up far from shore. I am curious to see if you will be one to venture out to sea with your dad:)

This looks like it was in a pool but was actually in the ocean on St.John island.

Those are the first four things that came to mind and as I wrote them so many more memories started flooding in. I am making a commitment now to keep his memory alive and tell you so many stories about him! 

Here are a few of my favorite pics.

I am making the exact same lip sucking face that you just started making in this picture!

I love this picture of him. I hope one day I start seeing some of his features in you. 

 He loved his girls. In his picture he is helping us Easter egg hunt out at Granny and Papaw Doherty's farm.

Just a great picture of him and your aunt Sherry.

Wooden Blocks

Each month I carefully set up wooden blocks to spell out your monthly milestone for your pictures. This week after your pics I decided to actually let you play with these wooden blocks to see if you would actually like a toy that doesn't rattle or make ridiculously loud noises. Turns out they are more than just a photo prop! You loved them!

You gathered them all up...

and put them in your mouth...

and put one in your mouth while inspecting the other one...

 and inspected 2 of them very carefully at the same time...

and focused on only inspecting one at a time...

and of course put one back in your mouth... 

and spit up all over them...

and finally looked up and wondered why I took so many pictures of you playing with blocks.

Toys Toys Everywhere

When I we first found out we were having a baby I went on and on about how I didn't want the house covered in toys. Especially brightly colored toys that didn't match the decor of the house. Well....

clearly that plan didn't work out. Your "things" are all over the living room, bedroom and spare room. Play-mats, blocks, balls, bumbo, burp cloth, bouncy car etc. Our new home decor style can now be labeled "the brightly colored toys everywhere" theme. I will reference the home tour of this blog to see what our house used to look like:)

I must admit that it makes me smile and think of you every-time I find a toy in a random place. (like under my back when I lay down in bed to go to sleep at night or under my feet as I almost trip over them in the hallway). You have taken over our hearts and our home and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Booty Sleep

Your new favorite sleeping position could not be any cuter. Butt straight up in the air. Looks so comfy.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mommy and Daddy Staycation

You are 6 and 1/2 months old and we thought now was as good of time as any to leave you for the night and do a mini staycation. You were in great hands (with Nana) so Daddy and I went to a local hotel and enjoyed some time to ourselves. Of course we missed and were so excited to be greeted with a huge smile from you when we walked in the door. You are our whole world but we want to make sure we take time to focus on our relationship and set a good example for you so you can one day have a happy healthy marriage.

Big boy shopping trip

Such a big day for you with so many firsts!

-First time sitting in the buggy like a big boy
-First time picking out a big boy toy
-First time paying with your own money (note the gift cards you are eating in the lower right picture)

We made a big deal out of this shopping trip and let you test out tons of toys. We also photographed every minute of it so the shoppers of target were probably wondering what the heck we were doing.

You are growing so fast! Its funny how little milestones like this are such a huge deal to us. When it comes to you everything is important.