Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

You are on lucky fella! Your Daddy loves you to the moon and back and it is written all over his face in every single picture of the two of you together. We wanted to make his first Father's Day extra special. 

We surprised Daddy with a trip to Texas Land and Cattle (his fav) and got him matching father/son swim trunks and a book of memories of the two of you. 

You were great at lunch but you have now decided that you don't need afternoon naps and acted a hot mess for the remainder of the day. There was one part of the day were you were so delirious from no sleep that you had a major case of the giggles. I'm talking laughing so hard you were falling over giggles. That made up for all the grouchiness:)

My two favorite guys!

 Uncle Adam bought you guys some awesome matching Ranger hats!

Trying out your fancy matching swim shorts.

I learned that you are not ready for pencil colors. You almost took your eye out!

 But the gifts turned out great and you proudly sat by them for this picture.

 Book of memories that I created for you and Daddy.

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