Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Steps!

You took your first steps today! It was a huge shock to us because we have been practicing for a while and you will not let go of our fingers. When you did let go you dropped to your knees to crawl. 

Well tonight was different! You took off walking. At first it was just a few steps then you would fall into us but by the time I got my camera out a few minutes later you were walking like a champ. Such a huge milestone! We are proud proud parents tonight!

first steps from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Decorating Nana's Tree

The friday after Thanksgiving is when we all help Nana with her Christmas tree. Another fun tradition you were able to be part of this year. We had a great time spending the long weekend with Braden and Mckinley dancing, setting up Christmas decorations and baking cookies.

 Not sure how this happened and all three of you managed to pose so sweetly together but I am sure it will never happen again. Glad I caught it!
 Dance party to Kenny and Dolly Christmas
Baking chocolate lava cookies


Thanksgiving day really reminded me of all we have to be thankful for. Local family that loves you to the moon and back, great gathering spaces, fun outdoor activities for the kids and amazing cooks! We spent the day at great-grandmas house talking, eating, sitting outside and enjoying some homemade wine will the kids played then we headed over to Yaya's and explored at her house and spent time with her, David, Kimree and Amy. Uncle A came by later to see you as well. Lots of time with the people we love!

 Relaxing on great-grandmas back porch
 Swing time with Daddy

 Nana and aunt Sherry busy cooking
 Fun times with Nana

 Time to eat. You polished off a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, dressing, mac and cheese and sweet potatoes. 

 Sweet Mckinley

 Picking pecans after lunch

 Little country boy checking out great-grandpas tractor

 Time for the grown ups to have some homemade wine
 Next stop was down the road at Yaya's house

First Haircut

I had this idea in my head that your first haircut was going to be such a great experience. WRONG! Probably the worst 10 minutes ever. You screamed bloody murder the entire time. I also that it was a fun idea to take you to a trendy place instead of a kid friendly place so people were not very understanding of your first haircut distress. I am sure all the other guys in there hated us. 

I was so frazzled that I didn't even keep a lock of your hair. I did get these pics and a video of you crying though.  Fun memories!

first haircut from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Our Christmas House

We are not exactly sure what our next steps are and if we will be in this house next Christmas so I wanted to document our first home, the place we brought you home from the hospital to, the place that houses so many memories for us so you can see what it looks like during the holiday season. It's small and cozy so it looks great decorated for the season.