Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Birthday Bash

Your 1st birthday party was a hit! Lot's of family and friends came out to celebrate with you (about 70 people). You could definitely feel the love at this party! The weather ended up being about 70 degrees and overcast which was perfect! Leading up to the party the wind gusts were like 100 mph but we lucked out and it stopped blowing right when your party started. Otherwise the food table would have been a nightmare. Other than being terrified of the ball pit you were in a good mood and were a little social butterfly.

 We served rice crispy pops, pressed cookies, candied popcorn, chocolate dipped graham crackers and cake balls. More party details on the party section
Nana made homemade chocolate chip cookies for the goody bags.
Posing with your 3 ft party balloons. Luckily you or the chair didn't blow away.

 Ready to party!

This was the only way I could get a picture of you in the ball pit since you were terrified of it for some reason. (The night before you had a blast testing it out:)

Mine and Sherry's high chair from when we were little.
Uncle Adam came in with an awesome singing Elmo balloon. You played with it for weeks after the party.

 Your best friend Hadlin


 You were not shy about eating your cake. I finally had to take it away from you to avoid a night of throwing up. Glad to know you like my baking:)

 Birthday kisses!

 So many family and friends that love you. You are one lucky guy to grow up with a huge local support system!
 I have said this before and will say it again. I can only hope that you will have childhood friends that turn into lifelong bonds. Two generations of best friends!

 On the move!
 Best shot we could get of 5 kids under 5!

 Pooped out!

 Post party gift time!
 For some reason you thought it was fun to sit inside this tiny box.

After the party and gifts we headed to Snuffers with Nana, David, Sherry, Tim Braden and McKinley. You took a quick snooze while we waited for food then were up and ready to party again. Great ending to a fun day!

When I was little Nana would lay out all of my birthday gifts on my bed and take a picture. It is so fun now to look back at those pictures and reminisce about the toys I remember. I plan on doing the same for you each year. 

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