Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lowe 11 Months

You are now up to 7 teeth!

You have taken a few steps on your own but get pretty feisty when we try to practice with you and you are not in the mood to walk. I have a feeling by your 12 month post you will be walking all over the place.

You are starting to learn so much. You say thank you "teto" and when we ask how a dinosaur goes you roar for us. Such a girly girl:)

This shoot was even harder then the last since you are such a busy body. I ended up just throwing you in the crib so you would at least be confined and a little more still for me to snap some shots. I am a bit relieved that next month will be my last monthly shoot. Getting you to lay down under those blocks is probably the most difficult task I face each month:)

We love you so much sweet Lolo bird. Cannot wait until your big birthday bash next month!

Friday, June 12, 2015

New sandbox

 This weekend we used the sand Nana and David saved from when we built our house to build a sandbox. Brox was super excited and was a very big help! Thank you to Nana and David for having this idea and buying the stone. The joy that it brings to these two monkeys is priceless. (Lowe loves to pick up the sand and throw it on her head, shove it in her ears and eat it)

Family Vacation 2015

We made some fabulous memories during our family vacation to Hyatt Hill Country outside of San
Antonio. We spent the week playing on the playground, having picnics, making s'mores, riding bikes, visiting seaworld, watching movies on the lawn and floating around the lazy river.

The two of you had the best time! Some notable moments:
-Lowe dancing like a maniac during the seaworld shows
-Brox getting chased out of the seaworld playground by a skunk
-Brox learning and repeating all sorts of fun facts about whales
-Lowe floating down the river in her float like a big girl
-Brox loving pushing the elevator buttons (may have been your fav part of trip!)
-Oh yes and we can't forget about Lowe breaking her thumb/splitting it open with a croquet ball

We love you two to pieces and are so happy that we were able to see the joy on your faces while you enjoyed your vacation.