Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lowe 7 Months

In your 6 month post I mentioned that you are a great un-supported sitter and that your next phase is crawling. Well 7 months has come and gone and still no sign of crawling or any new teeth.

You are just your normal little happy self smiling all the time!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Crafts

 We are pretty pumped about Valentine's Day this year! Brox loves to craft and hopefully Lowe will too! The monster Valentine box's turned out adorable and were super easy to make. I was going to do something more girly for Lowe but Brox said Lolo bird needed a monster too:)

The Proposal

  Uncle Adam proposed to Rachel and asked the whole family to be a part of it. I was so excited and had so much fun getting you guys dressed for a fancy night out. We went to Klyde Warren park and as Adam got down on one knee we all walked out to the pavilion and surprised Rachel. It was adorable. We finished the night with dinner at Ziziki's were you guys both mingled and were the life of the party:) So excited that we were all part of his special day. We love Rachel!

Sweet Girl

                            Pure sweetness!