Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brox's 3 Year Video

Sweet B, here is your 3 year video. One day you will look back and laugh about the song but right now it is your favorite song in the world:) We love you so much and cannot believe how much you have grown over the year. Of course I also had to post your 1 year and 2 year video (but I can't watch them because I'll cry)

Brox 3 Year from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Brox 2 Year from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Brox 1 Year from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brox's 3rd Birthday Party

 Your birthday party was a huge hit!  You picked the ninja turtle theme and loved seeing all of the fun decorations. Braden and Mckinley helped you open gifts which was great because you wanted to stop opening and play after each gift you opened.

All of your close family was there and everyone loved watching you play. You are a very loved little boy!

Side note: for your party at school you had been talking about cupcakes for months. I made ninja turtle cupcakes for you to take and was so excited to talk to you when you got home to see how you and your class enjoyed them. Well you didn't eat yours at school and told your teacher you wanted to save it to eat with mommy and daddy which is super sweet but when I tried to get you to eat it later you told me you didn't like cupcakes! I tried again at your party to get you to eat one and you refused.  Ha oh well at least everyone else enjoyed them.

Brox is 3!

Happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know! The last three years have been such a blessing. Every single day you you make us smile and warm our hearts with your sweet hugs and all of the funny little things you say.

We started out your birthday with fun breakfast then we took you to the Children's Aquarium and out to Chuy's for lunch.

And of course no birthday of yours would be complete without a trip to your favorite place, Tractor Supply!

LoLo Bird

We gave Brox all sorts of obnoxious nick names like BB, Beezus, Foxy Broxy.. so of course we couldn't let you off the hook. Your latest name of the week is Lolo bird:)

              Watching some football with Daddy. We did so good at not letting Brox watch any TV until
              he was 2 but you seem to be obsessed with it and will turn your head in all sorts of directions
              trying to watch it.

 You aren't a thumb sucker you are a middle and index finger sucker. So random! Love that your hand is still on your toy while you passed out.

                     Rocking your hat from Nana!

Lowe 4 months

At your 4 month mark you developed baby social anxiety. It doesn't happen everytime but the last few times you have been in large groups, including Brox's bday party, you cried if anyone even looked at you. Hoping this is a short phase!

You love to watch Brox. When he is in the room your eyes are on him at all times. It is super cute now but we keep joking about how pesky you are going to be once you can start following him around:)

You are back to sleeping through the night. 8pm-7am yay!

You have started rolling over from front to back.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Giggle Girl

First official video of you laughing! This melts my heart. I can definitely say that we are out of the scary newborn baby phase with you and into the fun personality filled phase! We love you to pieces!

IMG 4656 from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.


 Cute little witch and batman ready for trick-or-treating (Lowe's hand made broom looks more like a mop in this pic)

                        She looks like a witch model:)

 Heading down the road to see Nana and Great-Grandma

                           Grouchy witch needed to be rocked by great-grandma. She was a happy camper the              
                           rest of the night:)