Monday, November 17, 2014

Brox's 3rd Birthday Party

 Your birthday party was a huge hit!  You picked the ninja turtle theme and loved seeing all of the fun decorations. Braden and Mckinley helped you open gifts which was great because you wanted to stop opening and play after each gift you opened.

All of your close family was there and everyone loved watching you play. You are a very loved little boy!

Side note: for your party at school you had been talking about cupcakes for months. I made ninja turtle cupcakes for you to take and was so excited to talk to you when you got home to see how you and your class enjoyed them. Well you didn't eat yours at school and told your teacher you wanted to save it to eat with mommy and daddy which is super sweet but when I tried to get you to eat it later you told me you didn't like cupcakes! I tried again at your party to get you to eat one and you refused.  Ha oh well at least everyone else enjoyed them.

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