Monday, November 3, 2014

Popo's 60th Bday

We survived our first road trip as a family of four! Both kiddos did great in the car (minus the time when B told us he had to poop 20 minutes into our trip. We pulled over and took him to a gas station and it was a poop fake out!)

Our destination was San Antonio for Popo's 60th birthday celebration. The entire family was there and we had such a great time. Brox got a kick out of staying in a hotel and would have been happy as a clam spending the entire trip pushing the elevator buttons. Lowe chilled out in her stroller and was a trooper while we toted her all over the city. Both kids had lots of quality time with Popo and their aunts and uncles.

                     Road trip selfie!

 Fun at the Children's museum

                      Love this pic!

                      Trying to form a bubble around uncle A

                      Pretend airplane

                     Brox being a hot mess in the hotel lobby

                     Love this little guy and his crazy obsession with bandaids (he left them on so long that      
                     they irritated his skin. Oops!)
                     Sweet girl posing with Daddy

                     uncle Matt and uncle Chris being silly

                     Lowe sporting her new hat from uncle Matt

                     So much fun with uncle A and uncle Matt.  Brox is one lucky little dude.

                     Boat ride!

                     Just taking in the sites

                      Hotel tummy time

 Matching shirts for the Bday bash! Kinda funny that I happened to pack blue for both Brox and Lowe not even knowing about the matching shirts

                      Giving Popo his card at birthday dinner

                      I think Brox liked the cupcakes!

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