Monday, March 28, 2016


Food, family, egg coloring, egg hunts, scavenger hunt and confetti eggs. Could not have asked for a better Easter!


 Its tradition for us to visit Tractor supply around Easter to see the baby chicks.
Nana took it a step further and bought a chicken coop and chickens. You guys love going out to check on the chickens.

School Easter Parties

 You guys had such a fun time at your school Easter Egg hunts. I am so excited that me and Daddy got to take off work and spend the morning with you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sweet brother

  Miss Lowe was sick. I put her on the couch and turned on a movie and told you to sit in the chair. I walked out of the room and came back in to find you on the couch with her. You had covered her up and were telling her it was going to be ok sweetie. I asked you if you felt sorry for her and you said, " I am her big brother so I am going to do everything for her while she is sick". Completely melted my heart. You are so kind and caring. I want to remember these sweet moments forever.

Country bumpkins

What a great day outside to have a picnic, play ball and plant an herb garden. I love the tractor supply and john deere hats!

We spotted our first bluebonnet of the season. You guys are so excited that we go outside everyday to look for more.


                      Miss Lowe never sits in her highchair the correct way

                      Fun at the Ennis Flea Market

                      Not so fun but funny pic. Bloody nose.
       Crazy sock and crazy hat day at school. Lowe wore her hat all day long and got mad when it kept blowing off.

                       Sweet new outfit

                      and new haircut by mommy


                      Eating mud

     Adam's bday party

                        picnic time