Monday, May 8, 2017

First Annual Mother Son Dance

 My heart just completely melts looking at these photos. This Friday we went to our first mother son dance and it is a night I will remember forever. With the help of your Nana you brought me flowers and you were grinning ear to ear as you ran in the door with them.

Here are a few awesome quotes from you throughout the night.
Me: Brox do you want to dance
Brox: No I just want to sit on this wall and drink a beer

Me: (during the song "don't blink") Brox are you going to be a dad when you get bigger?
Brox: No I'm not even going to get a job

You were super silly and made me laugh but you were also a sweet boy that held my hands and tapped his little feet from side to side during the slow songs.

We partied to Can't stop the feeling and other fun songs and slow danced to What a Wonderful World and Don't Blink.

Looking down at your sweet little face looking up at me as we danced is a moment I will remember forever. I know one day I will probably be looking up at you as we dance at you're wedding and all I will see is this sweet little 5 year old boy looking up at me.

Brox I love you to the moon and back. You are so sweet, kind, smart and funny and I am so very proud of the little gentlemen you are growing into. I look forward to many more Mommy Son dances with you.

Lowe's First Field Day

 We had so much fun at your first field day. You had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning but you pulled it together and enjoyed the games.

The conversation between you and Hadley was hilarious. 
Lowe: Hadley you are my best friend
Hadley: I love you Lowe
Lowe: Well that's weird

Big boy desk

We moved out the last babyish thing in your room and it is now a complete big boy room with this custom desk from Tenpenny House. You were so excited to see it and the next morning instead of coming out to the living room you turned on your lamp and got to work at your desk. Such a sweet big boy!

Walk to Great-Grandmas

I absolutely love this sweet picture of our walk to great-grandmas for lunch this Sunday. We are beyond blessed to experience this country life and get to join family every Sunday for a wonderful meal. Memories we will never forget.

Snake in the chicken coop!

    Brox, you love to check Nana's chicken coop and when you checked it last week you got quite a surprise. Me and Nana were waiting at the fence when you ran into the yard to check for eggs. You opened the hatch, shut and and looked back at us and calmly said "there's a snake in there.". You latched the door and we told you to run. I almost didn't believe there was a snake since you were so cool calm and collected. Sure enough there was a big guy all curled up in there! Daddy shot it and saved the day :)

Snapchat with Lowe

Having some fun waiting out Brox's cold rainy t-ball game in the car.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Easter weekend was very eventful! Egg coloring, carnival, egg hunt, egg toss and scavenger hunt. Fun fun fun!!