Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Girl

Big girl propped up on the couch! So happy!

Little Shopper

I love my little grocery shopping buddy! Normally you ride in the taxi cab cart but today you wanted to push your very own cart. I will admit I thought that you were going to slow me down but boy was I wrong. You kept up with me the whole time and were the best little helper!

You added a few things to your cart that you said were on your list like a spider man apple juice but other then that you stayed right on track:)

Friday Night Lights

 We took you to your very first football game at the Ennis Lion stadium this weekend. We drive by it everyday on the way to school and you always talk about playing football there and how Daddy played football there. You had such a good time and are already talking about going to another game.

Lowe 2 months

Your 2 month check up today went great! After such a worrysome 2 week checkup we were so relieved to get a good report today.

Your are smiling like crazy, and cooing.

You love when we say "hi pretty girl" and you love cuddling with your pink snuggle bunny.

You have been sleeping in your big girl bed through the night for about a week.

Overall you are a happy healthy girl with a very happy little family!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lowe's Lashes

Everyone comments on how beautiful you are and how amazing your eye lashes are. Mommy gets fake lashes put on so I tell everyone you get your long lashes from me;) You truly are a gorgeous baby. Your face lights up anytime we say "hi pretty girl". Hey what girl doesn't like being called pretty?

Football Time

It's time for fall football! We love watching the games outside on the back patio. Brox had a blast playing with his friend Henley during the first Cowboys game.

Sister showing her sporty spirit. Thinking she will be like Mommy and just like to wear the cute outfits and know nothing about the game:)

Batman Fan

You love Batman! You always ask to wear your Batman shirt and you picked out Batman for your new nap mat. We were not surprised when you told us what you want to be for Halloween this year:)