Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Cookout

 By Monday you were feeling much better so we enjoyed the day playing outside and cooking out.

Still took a few rests throughout the day. I think you liked all the extra "sick" attention:)

Polka Fest 2014

Polka Fest 2014 was a hit! Well at least until you came down with the tummy bug:(
You still got to participate in the dance Friday night, the parade on Saturday and lunch/dancing at the hall and the polka mass. You have a new found love for the accordion and spent your time at the halls standing right by the stage watching the accordion player. When you play the accordion for us at home you start out by saying "y'all ready? Everybody ready?"  So funny!

 Ready for the dance contest on Friday night!

  Being silly with mommy.

 Waiting patiently for the parade to start.

 Fun with your cousins!

 Chowing down on a kolache

 Dinner at Don Jose's. This is where it all went downhill. You started running fever at the restaurant and threw up when we got home. We spent the next two days cuddling you and getting you healthy again. This mommy is definitely not complaining about the extra cuddles:)
Resting on the couch but you still wanted your accordian.

Haircut and Jorts

Nana usually takes you to get your haircut but with my new part-time schedule I was finally able to take you. When I told you you were going to see Nancy the first thing you asked was "with Nana?". When I said no, with mommy you then followed up with "you gots m&m's in your purse?" I made sure to bring m&m's so your experience would be the exact same as when Nana takes you:)

Yaya ordered a bunch of clothes for you and I had to share the pic of your new jorts. You look so cute in them!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Library Time

With my new part-time schedule at work I now have plenty of time to do fun things with you like take you to the library. At first you said you didn't want to go but once we got there you loved it! You picked out books and we sat on the floor and read. You were so excited that you got to take two books home with you and couldn't wait to show Daddy your library books. We read them to you at least 10 times.

After we put you to bed that evening we went to check on you and you had fallen asleep with one of your books on your chest. I love that you love to read and hope that we keep that up by taking weekly visits to the library.

Our Little Musician

IMG 5848 from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

You were such a sweet boy this Mother's Day. You and daddy sent me lovely flowers to work, made a custom book for me, planned a date night for this friday and the best gift was you giving me hugs and telling me happy mothers day throughout the day:)

 Your pj's and breakfast lounging was a great way to start my day:)

 The book you got me was adorable. You and daddy wrote the hole story and you get to color in all of the pictures daddy drew. Soo thoughtful!

 Dining outside with all of the kiddos.

After nap we took Yaya out to dinner and celebrated with daddy's side of the family. You had so much fun being silly at the restaurant.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Sunshine

 This pic of you makes me so happy. You are my sunshine!

 Nothing like a boy and his dog!

Your First Ranger Game

You have been talking about this game for weeks. You tell everyone that you, Daddy, Adam and Popo are going to the game and look right at me and say "not you". We get it, mommy can't go, its boys only:)

I am so glad you are big enough to partake in this annual tradition and will have something to look forward to every year that is special between just you and the Colunga boys:) I guess me and sister will stay home and bake or vacuum;)


You have been asking to go fishing so we finally took you down to the tank to try it out. You had no idea that we messed up your fishing line so we basically just tied the line to the end of your rod. You just wanted to fish! It was 30mph wind and Clyde kept jumping in the water so there was no chance in heck that you were actually going to catch anything. You still had fun hanging out and throwing rocks in the water. That's all that matters. Oh you also that I caught a fish but it was actually just the bait:)

Random B

Here are some miscellaneous things you have been up to lately...

Ready for you egg hunt at school. I told you to run fast and get eggs but to make sure and help your friends find eggs too. When I asked the teacher how you did she told me you gave all your eggs to your friends. Such a sweet sweet boy! This was a very proud Mommy moment.

 Waiting for the magic show at the library with Tatum and Sloan.

 Just chillin after you skipped a nap then pooped your pull-up and had to take a bath in the middle of the day.

And this is what happens at a live auction/fish fry at 6pm after you have skipped a nap:)
IMG 5756 from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

 Heading home from the Dr. with an ear infection. Poor sweet boy.

 Patio dinners with Mommy and Clyde. If I walk inside Clyde steels your food and you cry then proceed to yell at Clyde for the next 10 min.

 Now that Daddy is working evenings you and Mommy have weekly date night. Your favorite place is Bubba's so that is where we end up every Friday. People can't believe that me and you go out to eat by yourselves but I absolutely love it. You are so much fun to just sit and talk to at restaurants. You tell stories, ask questions and sing. Best date buddy ever!

 This pic was hard to get since I was driving but your new fav thing to do is go "cruising". When we turn down our country rode I turn on your song "my sweetheart" by the Lumineers, roll down all the windows and the sunroof and we cruise. You grin ear to ear as your hair blows in the wind. Love these special moments:)

 Ready for Sloan's pancake and PJ party

 Working hard with Daddy

I wanted to see what would happen if I blew dry your hair and tried to spike it. Looks like you got electrocuted:)