Monday, June 19, 2017

Taylor's Wedding

 Picture overload but I had to upload all of them to truly capture the most amazing wedding and the perfect flower girl. Miss Lowe you totally nailed your role. You hammed it up for all of the pics, jumped down the stairs during your grand entrance and walked the whole way down the aisle. We were so very proud of you. You guys had the best time running around and dancing all night long.

Summer Fun

 I told you guys if you did good at swim lessons we could get a pool. I just didn't specify what type of pool. Of course I messed up and didn't put it on level ground so it was a total mess but you guys still had a blast!
 Not sure why but this picture makes me so happy. Pure joy!

 Silly Saturday morning selfies!

 Poolside dining.

 Love love love the love between you guys and Otis. He is the sweetest kindest dog.

 More "pool" time at Yaya's house

 Just love the days we spend at great-grandmas house. Here are the tomatoes me and B got from the garden.

All Daddy wanted for fathers day was a nap and he finally got it. Along with the money clip that Brox reminded me he wanted:)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Family Pics

 The Ennis NOW magazine did an article about my family, why we moved back to Ennis and my new role as the Marketing Director of Ennis. They sent a photographer out and she actually got a picture of the entire family including Otis and Clyde! Love this!

Adventures of Lowe

 Oh sweet Lowe. You have had so many false alarms. Jump of the couch and limping so we go get an x-ray, nothing is broke and you are totally fine the next day. This time you were having horrible stomach pain so the pediatrician sent you to Dallas to be evaluated for appendicitis. Well, you just had a case of the toots and poops. As soon as they got you in the hospital bed you started tooting up a storm and Daddy and I just busted out laughing because we knew it was not your appendix. This will be a funny story to tell when you get bigger!

Mommy and Daddy

 Mommy and Daddy did a day date and went for a long hike on a nature trail in Cedar Hill.  We are very big on working out and staying active and love showing you guys this healthy lifestyle so you can follow it as you get bigger. We can't wait to take you guys on these types of adventures when you get a little bit older.

Summer Fun

Playing in puddles, ice cream sundae parties, pallets and movies! That is what summer is all about!