Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Fun

 I told you guys if you did good at swim lessons we could get a pool. I just didn't specify what type of pool. Of course I messed up and didn't put it on level ground so it was a total mess but you guys still had a blast!
 Not sure why but this picture makes me so happy. Pure joy!

 Silly Saturday morning selfies!

 Poolside dining.

 Love love love the love between you guys and Otis. He is the sweetest kindest dog.

 More "pool" time at Yaya's house

 Just love the days we spend at great-grandmas house. Here are the tomatoes me and B got from the garden.

All Daddy wanted for fathers day was a nap and he finally got it. Along with the money clip that Brox reminded me he wanted:)

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