Little things we love about you...
Your adorable smile

Your super long eyelashes

Your giggle

How you twist your tongue

Your overall happy demeanor

Your spunky personality (we call you the crocodile because holding you is like wrestling a crocodile)

The way you tilt your head to the side and smile when anyone talks to you. (you are such a ham!)

We ask you how a dinosaur goes and you say "raaahh"

How you say "Mama" and get the biggest smile on your face every time I walk into the room. Even if I have only been gone for a few seconds:)

When you say " I ah ohh" (I love you)

Your big cheesy grin

When you say "heck no"

When you say "oh well I don't think so"

Your new bedtime routine is to tell me there are tigers in your closet. I have to tell the tiger to go home then you said there are baby tigers so I have to make sure to tell the entire tiger family to leave your closet before you will go to sleep.

How you love to play pretend. I overheard you with two baby dolls at the breakfast table saying "hi these are my girls and they will have sprite. I will have water with lemon". Pretending to be mommy. So cute!

Little things you love...

When we say "hi pretty girl"

Your snuggly bunny

Watching everything Brox does

Listening in on story time

Crawling all over big brother

"Happy and you know it"

Knocking things down. If you see two blocks stacked you immediately have to knock them down then you look up and wait for me to say "uh oh"

Dancing! You have some rhythm.

Playing on the playset


Dancing to Chipmunk music

Doing snapchat videos (you like to see yourself in the funny filters-we don't post them)


Social Smile-6 weeks
Cooing-7 weeks
Sleeping through the night (9pm to 6 am)-7 weeks
Sleeping in big girl bed-8 weeks
Sleeping through the night round 2 (8pm-7am)-3 months
Giggling-3 months
Rolling from front to back-4 months
Rolling from back to front-5 month
Two teeth-5 months
Sitting up-5.5 months
Dada-6.5 months
Mama-7.5 months
Clapping hands-7.5 months
Laying to sitting-8 months
Eating puffs-8 months
Crawling-8.5 months
Pulling up-8.5 months
Five teeth-10 months
Furniture cruising-10 months
Seven teeth-11 months
Uh Oh and Thank you-11 months
Taking a few steps-12 months
Walking-12.5 months
Following simple instructions 12.5 months
Ball-13 months
Stringing words together consistently-21 months. (bubba what wrong?, more please, I love you)
Interest in potty training-2 years


July 11th 2014 (Birth) 8lbs 15oz 21.3 inches
July 24th 2014 (2 week checkup) 9 lbs 5oz  83% 21 inches 78%
Sept 15th 2014 (2 month checkup) 12lbs 5 oz 83% 23 inches 71%
November 19th 2014 (4 month checkup) 14lbs 5 oz 60% 24 3/4 inches 63%
January 15th 2015 (6 month checkup) 17 lbs 1 oz 71% 26 1/2 inches 77%
April 16th 2015 (9 month checkup) 19 lbs 7 oz 60% 27 3/4 inches 55%
July 16th 2015 (1 year checkup) 21 lbs 54% 29 1/4 inches 50%
October 15th 2015 (15 month checkup) 22 lbs 6 oz 42% 30 3/4 inches 60%
January 18th 2016 (18 month checkup) 25 lbs 2 oz 62% 32 inches 59%
July 21st 2016 (2 year checkup) 28 lbs 67% 33.5 inches 48%

3 years
Still dancing. You love being around your brother, playing t-party and swinging.

2 Years
Interest in potty training, talking like crazy and still dancing like no ones watching :)

21 Months
Talking a ton and running around like a wild woman. You are so spunky and love to play on the playset and get dirty!

18 Months

15 months
So full of personality. You laugh at your own jokes and dance like no ones watching. We love you to pieces sweet Lolo.

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