Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great-Grandpa's artwork

The kiddos posing in front of the barn door that great-grandpa painted. So proud of him!

Bluebonnet Festival

We love the Bluebonnet Festival and Trails! So much fun in downtown Ennis riding horses, eating and hanging out. The trails go right by our house so we spend the weekend outside on the front porch waiving at everyone driving by. We love bluebonnets!


 Well lets just say that it is really hard to photograph a 3 year old and 9 month old. I took 127 pictures and you guys made goofy faces in pretty much all of them. Goofy but oh so adorable!!

More Outside Fun

 Fun times outside. It was all fun and games until Lowe spilled the water bucket.

 My handsome boy and his dog:)

                             Dining al fresco

Lowe 9 Months

Well we have a big update from last month!

You are crawling (everywhere) and pulling up!

Basically you skipped scooting and army crawling and went directly to full blown crawling everywhere on all fours. About a day or two later you mastered pulling up.

You are also starting to eat real people food. So far you love sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado.

You have also turned into a total ham. If someone talks to you you tilt your head to the side and give them a huge smile. You are also waving like crazy and can clap your hands on demand when we start singing "if your happy and you know it"

So many milestones in one month. Stop growing!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

 You were being a total grump when I wanted you to hunt eggs on Saturday. I told you that you were going to hunt eggs whether you wanted to or not and you were going to like it and have fun:) After that lecture you got into it and had a blast.

 Sister loves Brox:)

                           Helping sister find her first egg.

                              Handsome Daddy

                      Boy on a mission. Walking to Nana's to hunt and color eggs.

 I wonder what Mckinley was yelling at you about:)

 Hmm. What is Lowe doing?

 Love our tradition of coloring eggs together on Saturday evening.

   The Easter Bunny came!

  Easter egg hunt at Great Grandma's house.

 Baby egg hunt at Yaya's