Friday, February 28, 2014

Sesame Live

We took you to Sesame Street live last weekend. You sat still and watched the whole show. Every time a song would end you would look at us and say "more more".

Afterwards we met Sherry, Tim, Braden and Mckinley and Babes for dinner. Anytime you are with your cousins its always a good time.

Another fun evening of memories with our B.

Crazy B

Bet your Dad is glad we are having a girl so I will quit being silly and putting your hair in ponytails:)

Cool dude!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Sista

It's official! You are going to have a baby "sista" You have been saying for weeks thats what you wanted but every once in a while you would ask for a "brudder"

We surprised you with pink balloons and a pink sucker to celebrate. You were smiling ear to ear (probably because of the sucker since you really don't know whats going on yet).

We are all so excited and cannot wait to complete our little family. Mommy, Daddy, boy, girl and silly dog:)

Drive-In Movie Date

We had an awesome family date night at the local drive-in movie theater. We watched the lego movie and you sat and watched the whole thing. Lots of questions, talking and giggling but so fun!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trucks and Dirt

 Nothing makes you happier then some dump trucks and dirt! You know all the different kinds of trucks (digger, dump truck, backhoe, dozer etc) and will shout them out to us if you see them while we are driving. ALL BOY!

Pancake Party!

We decided to continue Valentine's day on Saturday and started out the morning making pancakes together and using our cute vday plates and cups Nana gave us. You love pancakes and love helping in the kitchen.

Valentine's Day with my Love Bug

 Ready for your Valentine's day party at school. You loved your dinosaur shirt and kept talking about it. After school I sent the table up at home for our homemade spaghetti. We had the best time talking, listening to music, eating and drawing on the table! Its so crazy how much more fun you make every holiday!

I love you my little love bug!

V Day crafts

 The v-day cards you passed out at school.

 Crafting with Mommy. This is the first time we have really done crafts together and you loved it! I was so excited that you like this kind of thing. Such a fun way for us to spend time together.

 You love your safety scissors!

 Your vday card box we made together as a family.

 An adorable card you made for us at school.

Silly B

This is what you do when we tell you to close your eyes. Cracks me up!

Super Bowl

Super Bowl sunday was low key but fun! You helped me make homemade salsa then enjoyed the Puppy Bowl with daddy before the real game started. You could of watched the Puppy Bowl for hours.