Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random B

Summer Fun!

 Showing off your very first wasp sting. Ouch!

 Being silly in your boots and swimsuit.
 Evening stroll from Nana's pool back to our house.
 Silly boy in Daddy's shoes.

Fun at the Ennis Farmer's Market

 Swim time with Daddy!

Father's Day

 Fun filled Father's Day complete with donuts and pizza making. You got Daddy an adorable coffee mug with cute pics of the two of you on it. He loved it and you were so excited to give it to him.

I would like to say you are a mama's boy but its pretty much a 50/50 split between me and Daddy. He loves you to the moon and back and we are so lucky to have such a loving, hands on Dad in our lives.

Fun with Friends

 We had the best time spending the day with our dear friends Katie, Hadlin and Reeve. You and Hadlin played on the playground and splashed around a bit in the water park. It is so funny listening to ya'll talk and interact. Your in a bit of a shy phase so I was relieved when you actually wanted to play with her.  You and Hadlin are the same age and baby Reeve and sister will be the same age.We are so blessed to have this sweet family in our lives and will have many more fun summer days with them.

Working the Garden

You had you first gardening experience at great-grandpa and great-grandma's garden. You helped pick cucumbers and were so excited when you found your first one!

Rubber boots and bug spray head to toe and you still managed to get chiggers. Oh well, at least you had fun and enjoyed learning something new.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

The above pic is from our zoo trip when you were 9 months old. It was 100 degrees, you were to little and none of the animals were out. Basically it was miserable. This weeks trip to the zoo was way better! You were so excited about all of the animals and had to the best time making animal sounds and checking everything out.  You were so excited about the giraffes and told us your favorite animal was the elephants.

Update on B

You are 2 years 7 months old and you personality if funnier than ever! We just cannot get over the new stuff you come up with everyday.

Here are some things you say/do that crack us up.

-your response to any answer you like "hot dog" complete with a swinging arm (learned this from Mickey Mouse, such a goober)
-when you wake up in the morning "mommy where is you?"
-"I'm going to poot on you" followed by a poot noise with your mouth
-you get super excited when we go to the bathroom in the potty. I am talking your face lights up and you say "good job!!!" and run to bring us 2 m&m's which is what you get when you potty. If we don't eat them you get mad
-at bedtime we say your prayers then you run through every song request that you know and make us sing for you. The more songs you learn the longer the process is. If we don't hold up our diamond in the sky during "twinkle twinkle" you make us start over. Same with itsy bitsy. It has to be complete with all hand motions

My very favorite thing that you say now is your response to when we say "I love you more" you say "I love you most". MELTS MY HEART

-officially potty trained!!!! You have been in underwear for almost 3 weeks now, day and night.

Fun Times

 Trying out Pops burgers. This pic cracks me up!

 Our new fav place is Pit Stop BBQ. Wide open space, a bull, a stage (where you did the chicken dance by yourself), a sandbox and amazing bbq! We were all in heaven!