Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brox's first day of Preschool

 Oh my sweet Brox I cannot believe how big you have gotten. I was one proud mommy dropping you off at your first day of preschool yesterday. The gitter glitter Miss. Lindsey gave you worked like a charm. You were so excited to put it under your pillow and wanted to use it again on your second day of school. I overheard you telling Daddy, " Daddy put some under your pillow it really works." So adorable.

You were very brave and marched right into school with no issues. I picked you up at noon and took you on a fun Mommy Brox date to make pizza and go painting. You told me all about school and how excited you were to go back the next day. I think it is safe to say that Mommy has had a much harder time with this transition than you have :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Miss Lowe's big girl bed

 As soon as we got back from the hotel you decided you were done with your crib. I mean complete 180 from loving going to bed to screaming like your crib was on fire and crawling out of it so we put you in Bubba's bed as in interim solution while we worked on getting your bed purchased. Last night was night one and you went to bed like a champ. I checked on you at midnight and you were still sound asleep. Brox called out for me around 5 am and I found a sneaky little girl snuggled up with him.  I don't know what time you snuck in there but I do think its adorable that you love you Bubba so much!


 More fun at the charming farmers market that we get to visit every Saturday. We will be returning tomorrow despite the "incident" on the water slide. I took Lowe to the top thinking I would just let her go and climb back down. When I noticed how deep the water was at the bottom I had no choice but to just slide down with her with a great plan to land on my feet and not get soaked. Well little did I know the slide was super fast and I ended up chin deep in water at the bottom. I now have a new job working for the City of Ennis and as I meet new people they say, "oh are you the mom that slid down the water slide last week?" Yep thats me :)

 Trying out new school lunch boxes.

 Um could you be any cuter!?

Fun times on the farm doing country things like fishing, picking and riding tractors.

Family Staycation

 We love family Staycations! 30 minute drive to a hotel in Dallas but feels like we are worlds away from the stresses of everyday life.

 Love love love seeing you help your sister with her bag and open doors for her. Already such a gentlemen.