Friday, August 12, 2016


 More fun at the charming farmers market that we get to visit every Saturday. We will be returning tomorrow despite the "incident" on the water slide. I took Lowe to the top thinking I would just let her go and climb back down. When I noticed how deep the water was at the bottom I had no choice but to just slide down with her with a great plan to land on my feet and not get soaked. Well little did I know the slide was super fast and I ended up chin deep in water at the bottom. I now have a new job working for the City of Ennis and as I meet new people they say, "oh are you the mom that slid down the water slide last week?" Yep thats me :)

 Trying out new school lunch boxes.

 Um could you be any cuter!?

Fun times on the farm doing country things like fishing, picking and riding tractors.

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