Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laundry Day

Turned my back for 2 seconds and found you in the dryer. Whoopsie! Mother of the year award. I laughed, took pictures then proceeded to tell you how dangerous it was and to never ever do it again!


Outside. That is your favorite place to be and that is where you will find us anytime the weather permits.

 Hanging out in the front yard on the big red chairs.

 In typical boy fashion you made your way over to the flowerbed to play in some dirt.

 Later in the evening we hosted a cookout with Uncle A and Rachel. You had so much fun running around the deck and munching on snacks.

"oh chips, don't mind if I do"

Sick Day

Last week you came down with a severe ear infection and a tummy bug. I spent the afternoon with you at the Dr. then you threw up all over me when we got home. Happy anniversary to mommy and daddy!

The next day I kept you home from school and we decided to try out a pinterest project and make an under the table hammock. You loved it!  The one thing I didn't think about was how hard it would be to lift a 26lb toddler up into a sheet. Your favorite part was flipping out of it then immediately wanting to get back in it. Needless to say my arms were sore the next day!

The funniest part was the static electricity from the sheet. Check out this hair!

Play-dough round 2

 Well we took another stab at home-made play-dough and it was not a hit! I thought surely you would enjoy it now even though you hated it several months ago. You inspected it, poked it and ate it but had no interest in really playing with it. I think I give up on the play-dough:)

Girl Scout Cookies!

 This weekend you experienced your very first girl scout cookie! You love chocolate but for some reason were not as impressed with the cookies as I thought you would be.
 washing it down
checking out what you were eating. feeling a little uneasy about this magical cookie

Lounging Around

Love capturing these everyday moments of you lounging around with Daddy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day

 A few weeks ago we took some pics of you out at the farm for this years valentines card. I sent this out to all of our family and friends to wish them a happy valentines day from you.

We started out the morning by surprising you with balloons tied to your chair and hanging from the ceiling. Your little face lit and it was evident that you knew this would be a special day.

 Your party at school was a pj party and you were also asked to bring your favorite book to school and valentine treats for all your friends. I had already bought you a valentines shirt so we put in on over your red Christmas pjs. So cute!
 Playing on the ramp at school
 After we picked you up from school we took you to one of your favorite restaurants, Scalini's, for a pizza party. We had pizza and you socialized with the people at the bar.

When we got back home you opened all of your valentine treats from your friends at school. Lots of snacks, books, bubbles and cute cards. I must say I have never been big on valentine's day but seeing it through your eyes this year made it so much more special. You definitely bring magic into our lives and help us appreciate the simple things.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

15 months

Every single day you amaze us with your little personality and all of the new things you are starting to do. You are all boy! You are rough, fascinated with your boogers, obsessed with dirt and and any type of ball you can throw. Despite all the rough and toughness you are the sweetest little angel that loves to cuddle and give the best kisses.

-10 teeth
-25.7 lbs (85%)
-32 inches tall (80%)

Favorite foods:
-Cheese its

You love:
-climbing on everything
-throwing the football (which you are impressively good at)
-reading books
-going out to eat (you love to wave and make friends with everyone)

List of words that you know:
-Night Night
-Bye Bye
-No No
-Ugh oh
-booger (such a boy)

Park take 10

So going to the park is kind of our thing. Anytime it is remotely nice outside we load up the blanket, toys and snacks and head down to Tietze Park which is about 1 mile away from our house. We have made so many great memories here. It is definitely one of the places I will miss the most when we leave our house in Lakewood. (oh and our neighborhood grocery store which you also love going to:)

A rare picture of you and mommy. Its like pulling teeth to get your dad to take a picture of us.

 Hadlin was not feeling the camera and this was the best I could do. Her and Katie came to meet us at the park which made it even more fun!

 Just can't get enough pictures of you and daddy. You are his little mini me and it lights up my heart to watch you two together.