Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day

 A few weeks ago we took some pics of you out at the farm for this years valentines card. I sent this out to all of our family and friends to wish them a happy valentines day from you.

We started out the morning by surprising you with balloons tied to your chair and hanging from the ceiling. Your little face lit and it was evident that you knew this would be a special day.

 Your party at school was a pj party and you were also asked to bring your favorite book to school and valentine treats for all your friends. I had already bought you a valentines shirt so we put in on over your red Christmas pjs. So cute!
 Playing on the ramp at school
 After we picked you up from school we took you to one of your favorite restaurants, Scalini's, for a pizza party. We had pizza and you socialized with the people at the bar.

When we got back home you opened all of your valentine treats from your friends at school. Lots of snacks, books, bubbles and cute cards. I must say I have never been big on valentine's day but seeing it through your eyes this year made it so much more special. You definitely bring magic into our lives and help us appreciate the simple things.

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