Tuesday, February 12, 2013

15 months

Every single day you amaze us with your little personality and all of the new things you are starting to do. You are all boy! You are rough, fascinated with your boogers, obsessed with dirt and and any type of ball you can throw. Despite all the rough and toughness you are the sweetest little angel that loves to cuddle and give the best kisses.

-10 teeth
-25.7 lbs (85%)
-32 inches tall (80%)

Favorite foods:
-Cheese its

You love:
-climbing on everything
-throwing the football (which you are impressively good at)
-reading books
-going out to eat (you love to wave and make friends with everyone)

List of words that you know:
-Night Night
-Bye Bye
-No No
-Ugh oh
-booger (such a boy)

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