Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Park take 10

So going to the park is kind of our thing. Anytime it is remotely nice outside we load up the blanket, toys and snacks and head down to Tietze Park which is about 1 mile away from our house. We have made so many great memories here. It is definitely one of the places I will miss the most when we leave our house in Lakewood. (oh and our neighborhood grocery store which you also love going to:)

A rare picture of you and mommy. Its like pulling teeth to get your dad to take a picture of us.

 Hadlin was not feeling the camera and this was the best I could do. Her and Katie came to meet us at the park which made it even more fun!

 Just can't get enough pictures of you and daddy. You are his little mini me and it lights up my heart to watch you two together.

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