Monday, April 22, 2013

Bluebonnet festival

You were in quite the mood this weekend so I was pretty shocked when you actually enjoyed the pony ride at the Ennis Bluebonnet festival. You held on to the saddle, waved at random people and made "naying" sounds.

You also thoroughly enjoyed funnel cake and a glass of lemonade!


Taking pics in the beautiful bluebonnets right in front of our future house.

Goodbye Ellsworth

You certainly made moving day interesting. You have an obsession with doors and get super excited every-time you see a door. You also love closing doors so as we are trying to quickly and efficiently move everything out of the house you would close the door behind us. When we propped the door open you had a meltdown so we just had to get used to putting down whatever we were carrying and open the door with every trip.

I love this photo of you looking at the house. I know you wont remember it but we will always remember bringing you home to Ellsworth and all the wonderful memories you helped us create here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

You were at the perfect age this year for Easter. You are big enough to hunt eggs, run around with kids and enjoy goodies from the Easter bunny.

We started our day at church that you actually did pretty good at considering it lasted two hours. Then we headed over to great-grandmas to have lunch and an egg hunt with the whole family. Luckily you woke up from you nap just in time for the big hunt. You picked up a few eggs but were more interested in walking around with Nana and having a snack.

Next stop was Yaya's house where you had a blast riding the 4-wheeler, sitting on the tractor, hunting eggs (I guess its more fun when your the only kid and have dibs on all the eggs) and petting the baby bunny that showed up in their front yard.

Overall it was a great weekend with family. On Sunday evening when we packed up to head back to Dallas I couldn't help but think that it would be the last time we would have to load up all of our stuff and drive home. Next Easter we will be walking home:) 

Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday=pre egg hunt, coloring eggs and spending time with Braden and Mckinley.

You had a blast on Easter Saturday running around with the kiddos. You even got into coloring eggs this year and were fascinated with watching the dye fizzle in the cups.

Easter Party Round 2

The big Easter egg hunt at your school was pretty interesting. There were a ton of kids and parents and you weren't really feeling it. You picked up a few eggs but mainly stared off into space and stuck close to my leg.

Once the giant Easter bunny came out you would not take your eyes off of it. As the morning went on you got brave and went closer and closer to the bunny but ran off as soon as it tried to acknowledge you. I don't blame you one bit. That thing is scary!