Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun Fest

On Saturday we went to Fun Fest at the Dallas Czech club. You had so much fun being passed around to everyone and crawling all over the dance floor with Braden and Mckinley. You took off crawling and the priest almost tripped over you. After that I tried to keep you closer to the table but you were ready to cruise around with the big kids.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First School Pictures

I was so excited when I found out you were having school picture day. I carefully selected your outfit and even sent a comb with you to school! Even though these are extremely cheesy school pics with dorky backgrounds I will cherish them forever because you look so darn cute! (I especially love the fake fall foliage in the second pic) Nana and YaYa are excited about their prints to. 

All Star Carnival

 We walked over to St. Thomas Aquinas for their annual All Star Carnival. You tried ice-cream for the first time and were a huge fan! We had some dinner, wine and ice-cream and you enjoyed listening to the music and watching all the kids run around like crazy. Fun family outing (even though Daddy stole tickets from a church fundraiser on accident)

Playground with Daddy and Uncle A

 We spent another day at the playground and this time Daddy and Uncle Adam got to join us. You love swinging  and hanging on the bars but are still a little unsure about the slide. I can't believe what a big boy you are. Seeing you get to interact with all the playground equipment made me realize you are not a baby anymore. Long gone are the days of you just laying on the blanket at the park. You are ready to explore and see the world!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boot Scoot Boogie

You officially own your first pair of cowboy boots! Ready to boot scoot! 

"Bad Boys Bad Boys"

Such a fun day! I got off work early and the weather was nice so we took your squad car out for a spin. You loved it! Future police officer on our hands? Mommy might have to get on anxiety meds but I would be so proud!

Looks like Daddy is telling you to be safe out on the streets. Its a dangerous place out there.

Honk Honk! 

Love this picture. This is how Daddy rides in his squad car (arm hanging out the window).

10 Months

Not only are you pulling up but you have also mastered getting back down which can be very tricky, furniture cruising, and can even squat down to pick up an item and stand back up! Pretty impressive stuff. During this pulling up phase which has been about 2 weeks so far, I have already gotten 2 calls from daycare to document you falling down and hitting your head. I have a feeling now that you are so active we will be getting many more calls about you wiping out at school.

You still only have two bottom teeth but it looks like a top one is on its way.
We have been trying to give you more solid food but you are very dramatic and gag at anything we put in your mouth that isn't baby-food mush. I think you are going to eat baby-food until you are 18!

I think you are starting to get some rhythm. When we sing you start to rock back and forth which appears to be some sort of dancing. I cannot wait to dance with you!

Happy 10 months tiny dancer!

(this shoot was very different from your 9 month shoot. Instead of crawling out of frame you laid perfectly still. The trick? Super tight jeans that you couldn't move in. We had to help you get up!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Booster Seat Sleep

This weekend was the first time you have ever fallen asleep while eating. I saw your head starting to bob and within seconds you were out. Poor guy!

Stand-Up Stand-Up

 As of this weekend you are officially standing up and furniture cruising. You LOVE being on your feet and cry when we make you sit down. Its so funny watching your face because you light up as soon as you pull yourself up. Such a big accomplishment! 

Whip Cream Play

 Whip cream playtime went about as well as play-dough did. You are not a fan. I was a bit shocked because I gave you some shaving foam the day before and you went to town with it. When I gave you a huge pile of whip cream you had this disgusted frustrated look on your face and were totally over it. You didn't even like eating it! I have a feeling you are not going to be a fan of your first birthday smash cake.

A Rare shot of you and Mommy

Doesn't happen often since I am always on the other end of the camera but we actually got a cute shot of us together this weekend on our way to Patrizios for dinner. Every-time we take you out to eat we are flooded with people stopping by our table to tell us how adorable and well behaved you are and this Saturday was no different. You "ham" it up by smiling and squealing for them. I am sure every mom feels that way but I truly think there is something special about you that really draws people in. Maybe its your thick blonde hair, big blue eyes or that beautiful gummy two tooth smile but whatever it is works for you!

Picnic with Mommy

We put on your big boy sneakers and headed to the park for a picnic this Saturday. You are starting to become a little boy and less of a baby which is bittersweet for us. Your personality, mannerisms, size etc. are constantly evolving and I love waiting and watching to see what funny quirk you have in store for us next. 

You had the best time playing outside, swinging and watching other kids fly kites. Everyone tells me to cherish every moment with you and I am doing just that. Days like these are unforgettable (even the moment when you scream your head off when I take you out of the swing to go home:))

MVI 9098 from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.