Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lake Trip

We are officially a lake loving family! We spent a long weekend at a lake house and had an absolute blast. It was so wonderful to just get away from everyday life and spend our days swimming, fishing, jumping off the dock and cooking out. I love that you guys will have such wonderful memories spending time with your cousins. Cousin best friends are the best! We have decided that this will be an annual tradition.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Playdate for Lowe's bday

 For Lowe's birthday we spent the day with our wonderful friends Katie, Hadlin and Reeve. We hit up pop top coffee for some warm chocolate milk then headed to the pool. I love watching these little ones grow up together.

Picture from last years swim day. They have grown so much!

Lowe's Birthday Party

Miss Lowe I have to say that you had a pretty fabulous birthday party. I thought long and hard about the right theme for you. Your favorite thing to do is dance (to hip hop chipmunk music of course) so we went with a pop star party and played your favorite music the whole time. You had the best time playing with cousins and would stop what you were doing every once in a while and break out dancing. It was truly a joy to watch you have such a special party.