Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Boy and his Tractors

The brick work has started at the new house so we have taken full advantage of the huge pile of sand by playing "tractors" every evening. You normally aren't a huge fan of walking over to the house to check out progress but now that the sand is there you say "house house" and point to the sand pile. We grab your tractors and make our way over to the sand where you drive your tractors, scoop sand, and get filthy dirty. Don't worry the only reason you were crying is because the button that makes noises on the tractor jams up when it gets sand in it, after I shake it off to fix it you are happy again.

Who Taught you that?

8 24 13 whodidthat from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Friday, August 16, 2013

First Dentist Visit

This was a week of many firsts including your first trip to the dentist office. They recommend that you sit in my lap while I held your arms down since most toddlers won't sit still in the grown up chair. I asked them to let you try and sure enough you did great! They said they had never seen anyone your age sit and let them look in their mouth/clean their teeth. You just continue to amaze us. Not sure how we got so lucky to have such an easy going kid!

First big screen movie

We took a risk and took you to your first movie at 21 months old. I was pretty sure you would get antsy  and we would need to leave early but you actually made it through the entire movie!  You clapped, cheered for Dusty and fake laughed every time Daddy and uncle A laughed. I am very proud of my big boy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

More fun with Braden and Mckinley

We started out the day at Hawaiian falls where you played in the kiddy area and people watched most of the day. I think you were a bit overwhelmed by all the action but you still enjoyed yourself until you fell asleep in the wave pool.

Daddy and I spent the night in Fort Worth while you had a sleepover with Braden and Mckinley. You guys went to Babe's for dinner, got tattoos and watched movies. You have spent the night with them before but I feel like this was your first official sleepover since you are big enough to play and be part of the action.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

More More Chocolate

Untitled from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Your reaction after we finished snacking on M&M's. You love your chocolate!

Small Town Fun

What a great evening in a small town! We went to Bubba's for dinner (they just re-opened after getting hit by a tornado) then we walked over to Tractor Supply and browsed for about an hour. You had the best time running around playing with a horse and dinosaur toy (random!)  You and Daddy tried on hats and Daddy decided to buy his. I love my country boys:)

Cool Dude

You hate having the sun in your eyes so we borrowed Nana's glasses on the way home from church. Cool dude!