Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Brox's first soccer game

 These adorable little guys sure had fun on Saturday at their first soccer game. I told the team to show me their muscles and this is Brox shrugging and saying "I don't have any muscles."  I like to tell everyone y'all had fun and that is all that matters. Lets just say you guys need a lot of practice. I will say that Brox certainly looks cute in his uniform and with his soccer hair style!

Silly Lowe

Sweet Lowe you had so much fun at the library getting her face painted. I have to share this super funny email from your teacher. Cannot stop laughing!

I love having Lowe in my class!  She is sweet and kind to her friends, and really seems to listen to me.  She is no problem at all.  She knows how to sit and listen during story time, and follows our routine with a smile.

I have to laugh, though! Father Ivan came to meet us, and Lowe told him that he had stinky breath! Lol!  I just looked at him and smiled! Lol! (She was honest!)

I am having a great year with Lowe!

Ms. Gina

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gone Fishin

                      Sweet Brox loves to fish and has been trying forever to get his first catch. Well we finally tried out the new dock at grandpa's tank behind our house and it is instant fish catching. Like literally the second you drop the line you have a bite which is totally perfect for you kiddos. It was so awesome seeing the huge smile on your face! Now everyday you ask if we can go fishing. I am so grateful that you guys are able to experience outdoor activities like this right in our own backyard.

Scottsdale for Mom and Dad

    Me and Daddy took a much needed vacation. We were gone four nights which is the longest we have been away from you guys but everyone seemed to do just fine. We summited a 2700ft mountain that was pretty much a straight up rock climb and used it as a teaching moment with you guys to talk about setting goals and never giving up.

Fun times

                     Church ready

                      Spirit day and pigtails

    Brox helping Lowe with her homework

    Fall crafting

                      boots and bathing suit

     Pizza night on the patio