Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Months

Not only are you pulling up but you have also mastered getting back down which can be very tricky, furniture cruising, and can even squat down to pick up an item and stand back up! Pretty impressive stuff. During this pulling up phase which has been about 2 weeks so far, I have already gotten 2 calls from daycare to document you falling down and hitting your head. I have a feeling now that you are so active we will be getting many more calls about you wiping out at school.

You still only have two bottom teeth but it looks like a top one is on its way.
We have been trying to give you more solid food but you are very dramatic and gag at anything we put in your mouth that isn't baby-food mush. I think you are going to eat baby-food until you are 18!

I think you are starting to get some rhythm. When we sing you start to rock back and forth which appears to be some sort of dancing. I cannot wait to dance with you!

Happy 10 months tiny dancer!

(this shoot was very different from your 9 month shoot. Instead of crawling out of frame you laid perfectly still. The trick? Super tight jeans that you couldn't move in. We had to help you get up!)

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