Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on B

You are 2 years 7 months old and you personality if funnier than ever! We just cannot get over the new stuff you come up with everyday.

Here are some things you say/do that crack us up.

-your response to any answer you like "hot dog" complete with a swinging arm (learned this from Mickey Mouse, such a goober)
-when you wake up in the morning "mommy where is you?"
-"I'm going to poot on you" followed by a poot noise with your mouth
-you get super excited when we go to the bathroom in the potty. I am talking your face lights up and you say "good job!!!" and run to bring us 2 m&m's which is what you get when you potty. If we don't eat them you get mad
-at bedtime we say your prayers then you run through every song request that you know and make us sing for you. The more songs you learn the longer the process is. If we don't hold up our diamond in the sky during "twinkle twinkle" you make us start over. Same with itsy bitsy. It has to be complete with all hand motions

My very favorite thing that you say now is your response to when we say "I love you more" you say "I love you most". MELTS MY HEART

-officially potty trained!!!! You have been in underwear for almost 3 weeks now, day and night.

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