Friday, May 2, 2014

Random B

Here are some miscellaneous things you have been up to lately...

Ready for you egg hunt at school. I told you to run fast and get eggs but to make sure and help your friends find eggs too. When I asked the teacher how you did she told me you gave all your eggs to your friends. Such a sweet sweet boy! This was a very proud Mommy moment.

 Waiting for the magic show at the library with Tatum and Sloan.

 Just chillin after you skipped a nap then pooped your pull-up and had to take a bath in the middle of the day.

And this is what happens at a live auction/fish fry at 6pm after you have skipped a nap:)
IMG 5756 from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

 Heading home from the Dr. with an ear infection. Poor sweet boy.

 Patio dinners with Mommy and Clyde. If I walk inside Clyde steels your food and you cry then proceed to yell at Clyde for the next 10 min.

 Now that Daddy is working evenings you and Mommy have weekly date night. Your favorite place is Bubba's so that is where we end up every Friday. People can't believe that me and you go out to eat by yourselves but I absolutely love it. You are so much fun to just sit and talk to at restaurants. You tell stories, ask questions and sing. Best date buddy ever!

 This pic was hard to get since I was driving but your new fav thing to do is go "cruising". When we turn down our country rode I turn on your song "my sweetheart" by the Lumineers, roll down all the windows and the sunroof and we cruise. You grin ear to ear as your hair blows in the wind. Love these special moments:)

 Ready for Sloan's pancake and PJ party

 Working hard with Daddy

I wanted to see what would happen if I blew dry your hair and tried to spike it. Looks like you got electrocuted:)

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