Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 Months

Now that you can sit up on your own you are so much more active and love exploring your toys from a new perspective. Your new thing is reaching for and grabbing everything! Even if something is 5 feet away from you and completely unattainable you will still reach for it and try to jump out of our arms to get it. I like that your ambition and focus is starting at such an early age:)

You can now sit up front in the grocery cart so no more stacking groceries on top of you in the buggy. 

We also let you pick out and buy your first big boy toy. It lights up, plays really loud music and sounds and has a phone. All the qualities of a great toy! You get so focused when you play with it that we can't even tell if you are having fun. You look like you are concentrating so hard and you even strain your little face. 

You have mastered eating baby food and I have yet to find one that you don't like. Everything from peas to chicken and veggies. You love it all.

And your most interesting milestone this month is that you can roll and curl your tongue. Weird!

Happy 7 months big man!

(You now make this really serious face and decided to show it to us in all of your 7 month pics)

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  1. I can't believe how much he is changing! So sweet!!