Monday, July 16, 2012

8 Months

This month has been BIG for you! You are officially mobile. There is just no stopping you. You follow us to the kitchen by taking a shortcut under the dining room table, you crawl underneath the living room chairs, you explore the bathroom, you find cords hidden under the bed and under the entertainment center. Let's just say that you are a very "exploratory" child which is why I ordered you a playpen today to trap you!

You also have no understanding of falling. You try to dive off the bed and the couch. We are always there to hold you and let you dangle by one foot but I am hoping you will understand heights soon.

Clapping and high-fiving are pretty easy tricks for you now.

We also think you may have signed "milk." We think or we imagined it.

You have now added consonants to your vocabulary. Your favorite word is "bababababababa"

And drumroll have your first TOOTH. This is huge. You have been drooling and chewing things for months and now that the symptoms have stopped you finally sprouted a tooth.

Happy 8 months crawling man!

(last month you were very serious so I am glad we get to see a softer side of you this month)

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  1. Congratulations all the way around! Brox you are so big and awesome!