Friday, May 4, 2012

Things that make us smile!

There are just so many little quirky things about you that make us smile!  I just want to remember all of these tid bits that make me so happy.

Your latest adorableness is called bucking bronco. You love to rock back and forth like you are riding a mechanical bull. For some reason this hyper side of you comes out right before bedtime!

We crack up at how cute you look ready for bed in your pjs, mismatched spider man socks and hair combed to the side. You look like an oh so cute hot mess!

I made up a song called "foxy Broxy" and its gets you to smile every single time! Its like you know I am singing about you. "foxy Broxy how'd you get so foxy"

Now that you can roll over you love to sleep on your tummy. I laugh out loud every time I walk into your room to get you out of bed and I am greeted with you looking straight at me!

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