Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Polka Fest

We kicked off the fun weekend with a dip in Nana's pool. Despite the fact that the water felt like ice you still had a great time splashing in your float.

We met grandpa for lunch at Kolache Depot.

On Friday night it was time to start the Polka festivites with the King and Queen dance contest at the Sokol hall. Nana and David were last year's King and Queen so the whole family came to watch their final dance. You got all dressed up in your Polka vest that great grandma made for you. So darn cute!

You were such a trooper and even though we kept you out past your bedtime every night you feel asleep wherever we were and slept all night once we got you home.

The next day you skipped nap time to check out the parade. One cool dude!

We took you to the annual horse-shoe tournament to show you off to all of our friends. You loved meeting everyone and let all of our friend's take turn holding you. I am soo glad you aren't in the stranger danger phase yet:)

After a long weekend we headed back to Dallas and let you go for a swim in the blow up pool. I think about how blessed we are to spend weekends like this with family and friends. I also think about our traditions like the National Polka Fest that you are now a part of and hope that one day you will have wonderful memories from the festival.

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  1. These pictures are AWESOME!!! Brox is one lucky guy and you look BEAUTIFUL.