Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day

 You were so funny on Christmas morning. We thought you would still be to little to understand the excitement of the morning but we were wrong. You woke up in such a silly mood, craned your neck to peak at Santa gifts as I walked you down the hall for breakfast, and yelled and banged at the door with excitement while we waited for the whole family to get ready to go down the hall.
 Santa came and you got your Trike!

 You knew exactly which gift was yours and made a bee-line to try it out

 You inspected it very carefully. I guess you wanted to make sure Santa put it together properly. We don't want any wheels falling off!

 Mckinely and Braden modeling their new scarf and robe. I love that we get to spend Christmas morning with Braden, Mckinley, Sherry, Tim, Nana and David. 

 Dressed and ready for Christmas Mass. You were such a good boy in church. We sat in the front row and you sat still and looked around quietly the whole time. I was shocked! I took you to the front to look at baby Jesus in the manger and you made your "boof boof" sound. I guess you thought the donkeys and sheep were dogs:)

 After church we finished up all of our Christmas festivities at Grandpa Jame's house.

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